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Tips on How to Lose Butt Fat Fast?

What to expel localized excess fat in your behind? We explain the principle below and provides advice to a firm. You might wish to see right away the exercises that slim buttocks, but we suggest you first read the method to reduce the size of this body area below.

Wondering what kind of exercises to do to get rid of fat located in your thigh (between the buttocks and hips)? The answer is simple: no exercise will burn fat in a particular area of the body.

Indeed, you can not reduce fat in one place! When you burn body fat, this fat volume comes from all areas of the body and the first place where you put the fat will be the last place you lose. Losing only and buttocks first, so that you have other areas of the body to lose, is not possible without first reducing overall fat mass.

But do not be discouraged, however. You can lose fat everywhere, including in your rear in order to strengthen them, but only with the combination of three parts: a healthy and proper diet, exercise (cardio, aerobics, etc.) and strength training. We will see the exercise (cardio and weight training) in the next section, read on to understand and well-prepared exercises.

Strengthening exercises such as the squat, leg extension, the front slot, press thighs are the key to manufacturing and toning muscles of the hips, buttocks and thighs. There are also other exercises that bodybuilding to thin and firm the buttocks, will come back.

If you are a woman, do not worry, you will not get "bulky" or "thick". Because women do not have as much testosterone as men, they can not develop male muscles without using anabolic steroids. If you've seen bodybuilders women on television or in magazines that look "manly" is because they have used steroids to build their muscle mass.

The muscle that developed naturally only improves a woman's curves and femininity. Strength training is the key to sculpting and shaping your body, and yet it remains the most neglected element in most exercise programs for women (especially those to lose buttocks). Muscle is also important because adding lean mass will increase the speed of your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day, even while you sleep.

Weight training tones your hips and buttocks, but you have more cardiovascular exercise (example. Stationary bike, elliptical, step, etc.) to burn fat and lose weight buttocks. You can not tone or tighten fat! You must burn with aerobic exercises and then the muscles you have developed with weight training will be.

If you are a woman, these muscles are female, full of curves, in beautiful shape (again, do not worry about becoming bulky). Do not worry about being too forceful when you are aiming to lose buttocks and make them firmer / muscular.

The best exercises to burn fat are those that are constant and aerobic in nature. Stationary cycling, brisk walking, jogging, elliptical, rowing, etc. are all great fat burners. These exercises will help you melt the fat in the posterior region of the basin and then shaping your pool there.

Working between 70 to 85% of maximum heart rate expected for your age (maximum heart rate expected for age = 220 - age, example. A man of 40 has a maximum heart rate of 220-40 = 180). Keep the heart rate between 30 to 60 minutes a day, and between 4 and 6 days a week (that means do physical exercises regularly) to obtain optimal results. Give your body at least one day off every week for it to recharge.

Remember the final phase of a program that slim buttocks: nutrition. You must consume fewer calories than you burn each day in order to lose body fat. Make sure all the same room at a minimum the number of calories claimed by your BMR (click here to calculate your own).

Indeed, if you starve, this will sure lose muscle and slow your metabolism. Instead of, not eating at all or eating too little, take smaller meals more frequently. Eat 5-6 small meals a day is ideal, and keep the intake of fat and low sugar. Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. No matter how much exercise you have done, if you eat junk food, you will not be able to thin your glutes.

Everyone has tough places on the body where fat seems difficult to be discarded. If you lower your total levels of body fat, the fat will leave areas that you hate, so keep especially patience.

Once you have added all three components: weight training, exercise (especially cardiovascular workouts) and nutrition, you'll be on your way to strengthening your glutes, making them stronger and more shapely.

Whatever happens, remember to love the body you have. This is a great idea to want to lose buttocks to enhance your appearance and your condition, but you should always look things in the face and know all proportions to keep. Focus on these simple but exceptional things that your body allows you to do every day. Do not sit there to criticize all the time. And, of course, do something to optimize it.

Tips on How to Lose Butt Fat Fast?

By bou jlal → Sunday, February 1, 2015
Consume fewer calories per day: 7 tips

To eat few calories each day, try our tips that should help you get occasions of the year in serenity.

The year-end holidays are approaching, with their larger meals, prepare yourself mentally to consume fewer calories a day with the tips of Quick Weight Loss Tips:

1) Eat foods with high water content

Foods that contain a lot of water, such as cucumber and tomatoes are low in calories while you feel full.

You can make a habit of taking a big bowl of salad with this meal. This will fill you up tremendously and will not make you snack on.

2) Focus on protein to consume fewer calories per day

Lean protein is a natural appetite suppressant. Include sources of protein (chicken, fish, beef without fat, eggs, beans, etc.) in your main course will allow you to control appetite and reduce your craving for sweet foods.

3) Focus on the fibers to ingest fewer calories per day

The fibers are very useful to be felt in the stomach that it is full, and to slow down other foods (not to eat again too quickly). Pulp, seeds and fruits are high in fiber and help to delay the arrival of hunger. They accelerate the passage of sugars in the blood, which will make you less envy calorie sweets like cookies.

4) Choose small plates or bowls for fewer calories per day

Choose smaller plates or bowls than average will trap your brain into thinking you have a larger serving dish.

If you feel you are going to eat a lot of food, you will feel less deprived of food. There is a lot of psychology in trying to reduce weight and this trick is very good to get you to eat less.

5) Eat more often to consume fewer calories per day

This may sound strange as trick to lose weight, but you can avoid overeating by eating smaller meals but more frequent.

Spend a long time without eating like a problem for many people when they feel hunger happen. You can aim to eat 3 main meals smaller daily with snacks between these 3 courses.

More frequent meals also reduce the risk of poor sweets that increase the level of sugar in the blood.

6) Eat more for fewer calories

Put the vegetables on your plate is still a very good idea. Vegetables are low in calories so you can always eat more eventually consume fewer calories.

Keep the proportion of protein (meat, fish, etc.) on your plate below 15%. Put 15% in potatoes or pasta. And put the rest (at least 50%) vegetables.

7) Water works to absorb fewer calories per day

The symptoms of hunger and thirst are identical. Many people think they are hungry when their body especially demanding water.

Keep your high level of hydration by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day if possible. This will speed up your energy levels, suppress your appetite, keep your metabolism in good shape all day and you will probably lose weight.

Consume fewer calories per day: 7 tips

By bou jlal → Friday, January 23, 2015
Best sport to lose fat

Here are the top physical activities that require a lot of energy, helping to reduce your body fat and regain shape quickly.

> First of all, what is fat?

It is both your worst enemy and best friend. Indeed, there are good fats (assimilated by the body and used for exercise) as bad fats (those directly stored in the body and not treated, it is harder and longer to remove) .

> Things to know

Muscle eats fat. What does it mean? Simply that to decrease the fat must be produced in muscle mass.

Attention for you ladies, this does not mean you have to become bodybuilders, absolutely not.

Besides, if you do not take steroid products or dietary supplements like creatine or other lifting weights will not give you which is an aspect muscular male bodybuilders.

> Two main categories of sport to lose fat

1) Bodybuilding

It will help you work your muscles. I will not go into the technical details in this article. I would simply advise you not to overlook the importance of resistance training combined with cardio vascular training.

This activity is most often with loads in the weight room, but it can still be the weight of the body (with furniture or in a training park).

The goal here will be initially working in felt. Regardless of the style of training, try to feel the burn of each muscle you want to work.

During a muscu session when starting out, do not hesitate to work your entire body. Do not make the mistake of missing a body part. And take the day after training to recover from your workout.

This is the base to remove the fat. Increase muscle mass affects the basal metabolism and aid in fat loss even at rest.

Remember that getting enough sleep is important for those who make the OR bodybuilding trying to lose weight.

Indeed, studies have shown that muscles regenerate 2 times faster during sleep. If you practice intensive strength training, add 1 hour sleep quota.

A US study by scientists at the University of Chicago, published in the journal "Annals of Internal Medicine" in October 2010, also showed that when sleep duration was reduced (5.5 hours instead of 8, 5 hours per night), people who were on a diet produced more ghrelin (this is a hormone that causes hunger and decreases calorie consumption). People who slept less (5.5 hours) losing fat mass 2 times slower than those who slept enough (8.5 hours).

If you are still hesitant about bodybuilding, or you do not have access to a gym, you can still do just cardio workouts as follows.

2) Cardiovascular training

Here are different styles of cardio:

  • Running for 20 to 60 minutes at low speed or high speed (but not at a pace): This type of training allows optimal expenditure of calories, especially from 45 minutes (for most riders) .

While you burn the fat all the time (even when you burn in watching TV lying on the couch) BUT in the first minutes of the race you have to deplete carbohydrate stores before actually typing in lipids (fats).

In other words, to burn more fat than carbohydrates, you either do sports an intense rhythm (eg sprint) at least 10 minutes, slowly run at least 20 minutes. You will have more explanation here.

  • Fractionated race 30 minutes: this type of training, said at intervals, helps eliminate fat cells and increases the efficiency (loss of fat) by THREE!

Recent studies have shown that practice this type of training helps reduce fat mass (by burning more calories). And it was found that different guinea pigs had lost especially in the pelvis, buttocks and thighs.

  • Cardio training: in the world of fitness, cardiovascular training (cardio) is the mixture of different cardio machines (stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, rowing machine, stepper, etc.).

In North America, it is either a group course is simply a cardio workout as the name suggests. All this to say that you can mix your cardio workout without suffering loss result.

In addition to melt the fat, cardio sport undoubtedly improve your fitness (which helps optimize your quality of life) while reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (this type of training can include delay the onset of angina).

Warning, if you stay long inactive, or if you are over 40 and do not do sports regularly, it is recommended that you consider medically before starting cardio sessions.

  • Brisk walking: any sporting activity is effective. Some are more than others. Brisk walking is still one of the slowest ways to lose body fat because few intense. And the body will stagnate quickly without true scalability.

This type of training will be tailored especially for sedentary (no one has ever done any sport), the elderly and people suffering from joint traumas.

> What training periods?

In terms of time when trying to lose body fat, do not forget to link weight training and cardio in order, and make your drive between 1:30 ET 2:00 divided this way:

  • 1 hour maximum weight if you make the whole body (the time varies depending on the muscles you want to work).
  • 1 hour (recommended) cardio.

Proceed in this way, and follow a rate of 3 times per week. Work efficiently throughout your body weight by doing two exercises per muscle group.

Here are two methods among others:

  • 3 sets of 20 repetitions per exercise, and 2 exercises per muscle group.
  • 4 sets of X repetitions (up to burn on each series) on each targeted muscle group.

> You want harder sport to do in order to lose fat faster?

No problem if you have the heart of a (e) fighter (e), opt for collective course that combines cardio strength training, cardio training and transcendence.

This kind of training is very intense. It activates your cardio vascular system and tones your muscles. The fat loss will undeniably fast. However, check your physical abilities to practice with a trainer or a doctor before you start.

In this style, you have sports that are very demanding on the body and in your tailleront super fat fast. Here are the best:

  • Bootcamp: This is a workout at the base, military suitable for all age groups. The goal is to follow an obstacle course with a directive pace.

  • The Body Attack: This is a course of intensive cardiovascular training (duration is 55 minutes). He draws his inspiration in many other sports. Its aim is to build endurance and strength.

Form of interval training, Body Attack mix vigorous aerobic movements with actions to strengthen and consolidate.

The term Body in French means "body".

  • The Body Combat: There is a fitness course that helps decompress fabulously. This highly sporty design requires a lot of energy. He draws inspiration from various martial practices (karate, capoeira, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, tai chi chuan, muay thai, etc.).
  • Body Pump: This is a fitness program that aims to strengthen the muscle groups in a comprehensive manner, following pre-established choreography and songs.
  • The GRIT: it is a workout by high intensity interval lasts 30 minutes. The GRIT (a term which in French means "endurance") requires you to challenge yourself to push harder and helps you get fit fast.

Physical activities of this program are short and demanding in energy level. They combine weight lifting, running and plyometrics to provide a full body workout. The objective is to increase aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism and power.

  • P90X: it is a fitness system to do at home that lasts 90 days. It was developed by the famous Tony Horton coach.

This program includes 12 workouts that use resistance exercises and weight of the body, cardio, plyometrics, abdominal work, martial arts and yoga.

P90X also comes with a nutrition program, a fitness guide and the training schedule. This fitness program focuses on what he calls "muscle confusion," a cross-training method that exchanges the order of exercises and incorporates a variety of movements.

Experts believe that muscle confusion prevents the body to adapt to the sport over the years. Made an impossible adaptation would improve the state of form continues and minimize the bearings.

  • The Insanity: is a 60-day workout regimen, which focuses on an intense endurance training.

Developed by Shaun T. and became very popular among fashionable sports since 2013, the Insanity program (in French term meaning "madness") focuses on "drive maximum interval", an exercise method during which work very vigorously for 3-4 minutes, then rests (or "cool") for about 30 seconds before repeating the process.

This program requires no equipment to buy. The Insanity workouts are very intense and designed for people who are already in good shape.

Attention, Insanity is not at all designed for people with special health care needs (such as those with cardiovascular disease, pulmonary and patients with metabolic diseases, diabetics or obese people and people with limitations orthopedic).

An even more "hard" version of Insanity exists. It is called the Asylum (in French term meaning "Asylum"). This program is extremely difficult and is recommended for experienced athletes!

Now it's your turn. Choose sports activities according to your preferences and cardiovascular capacity, and do not release your motivation if you want to lose fat!

Best sport to lose fat

By bou jlal → Monday, January 19, 2015
Slimming soup to keep the line in winter: 15 recipes

 The coach Kathleen Liscia offers 15 light soup preparations that can help you stay slim during the winter season.

Winter is here and homemade dinners under the duvet await you. What to do to keep the line and do not go into hibernation? Enjoy slimming soup warm, where you can soak wholemeal bread if you want a little more consistency.

Not only are these fat burning soup help slim down (generally more low in calories, if not to overload the fat and calorie ingredients), but they also have various benefits for our health!

Of course, it is not to take it with every meal throughout the winter. They should include a balanced diet, along with regular physical activity to be effective against unwanted kilos.

With a mixture of water, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, light soup can be eaten as a starter or as a main dish, hot or cold, at any meal of the day. So why deprive yourself, especially during the winter season, even if you are not too soupiers?

> A little vocabulary to start

The vegetable garden is a fairly liquid soup that can be served hot or cold and often considered an entry.
velvety is a mixed soup whose texture is creamy (use of starch or cornstarch and egg yolks to get that consistency).

The cream is served with a velvety cream (and / or egg yolks).

Bisque soup is presented with a shellfish sauce topped with fresh cream, white wine or other alcohol type cognac.

The cabbage soup is a soup with cabbage vegetable dishes decorated with fragments. It comes from Béarn.

The minestrone soup is a vegetable simmered with bacon and herbs. We came from Italy. Most of the time, we add small pasta or rice, and it is served with grated Parmesan on the side.

Consommé soup is made up of white chicken stock, beef or veal.

> Slimming soup recipes NOT starchy

1) Medley of vegetables soupée

Ingredients (for 3 people):

  •      1 green half cabbage
  •      2 tomatoes,
  •      1 leek,
  •      1 eggplant,
  •      1 red pepper,
  •      1 celery stalk,
  •      1 half fennel,
  •      2 onions,
  •      3 cloves garlic,
  •      Thyme, bay leaf.


  •      Wash all vegetables and cut them into small pieces.
  •      Put all your vegetables in a hot pan with the thyme and bay leaf.
  •      Let simmer for about 1 hour.
  •      Enjoy, ideally when the temperature is low on the outside. 

 2) Cauliflower Cream


  •      1 half cauliflower,
  •      water
  •      15 cl (cl) of skim milk,
  •      Nutmeg.

Preparation method:

  •      Cook your cauliflower in lightly salted water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  •      Just let 20 cl of the cooking water and add 15 ml of milk, then mix until creamy.
  •      Adjust the seasoning by adding the nutmeg.

3) Green Soup

Can not love spinach? Here is an exquisite recipe that will reconcile you with this "super slimming food" based slimming soup to enjoy a full winter when the cold terror made out.

A green soup taste preferably during the winter season


  •      250 grams (g) of spinach,
  •      2 leeks (white part only take)
  •      3 courgettes,
  •      1 chicken bouillon cube,
  •      Of chopped basil,
  •      Salt and pepper.

Formula to prepare:

  •      Boil the spinach, leeks and zucchini in salted boiling water for about twenty minutes.
  •      Mix everything and add salt, pepper and basil.

4) cucumber and radish soup


  •      1 cucumber,
  •      8 radishes,
  •      3 tablespoons cottage cheese 0%
  •      Some chives,
  •      Juice of half a lemon,
  •      Salt and pepper.

Steps to prepare this slimming food:

  •      Peel the cucumber and cut into small cubes.
  •      Mix cream cheese, lemon juice and cucumber.
  •      Cut your radishes into very thin slices.
  •      Make a beautiful presentation. Post your sousoupe first then add your radishes and chives sprinkle. 

5) Cream of carrot soup with cheese

If you like cheese, add it (gently on the amount) to this slimming soup to enjoy in full bad season.


  •      Cheese of your choice (30 g goat, for example)
  •      500g carrots, cut into slices,
  •      40 cl semi-skimmed milk (or coconut milk)
  •      35 ounces of water,
  •      2 large onions,
  •      1 vegetable stock cube
  •      1 tablespoon olive oil
  •      Spices (curry and turmeric)
  •      Pepper (no need to add salt).

Process for the preparation of this soup light:

  •      In a pressure cooker, fry your onions with olive oil net.
  •      Add the carrots, spices, water, stock cube and milk.
  •      Cook over high heat for about ten minutes.
  •      Once cooked, mix everything and add cheese. 

6) Soup endives


  •      100 g of endive,
  •      50 g of fennel,
  •      80 g zucchini,
  •      1 white onion,
  •      2 white cheese 0%
  •      1 chicken stock cube half or vegetables,
  •      1 teaspoon curry
  •      Pepper.

Using the fricoter:

  •      Chop the zucchini, fennel, chicory and onions.
  •      In a casserole, pour all your vegetables and add water, broth and spices.
  •      Cook for half an hour.
  •      Add the cheese just before serving. 

7) Onion Soup


  •      1 kg of onions,
  •      water
  •      1 chicken stock cube,
  •      Thyme and bay leaf,
  •      Nutmeg,
  •      Salt and pepper.

Preparation of this slimming soup:

  •      Fry the onion in a casserole with a nutmeg net.
  •      Add the thyme, bay leaf, water and bouillon cube.
  •      Mix everything. Add water if necessary.

8) while orange soup

A recipe rich in beta-carotene to taste without hesitation in the heart of winter.


  •      80 g pumpkin,
  •      2 carrots,
  •      1 orange,
  •      turmeric,
  •      Pepper.

Formula food preparation:

  •      In a casserole put all your vegetables (pumpkin and carrots), diced 3 cm and cook for about twenty minutes with a little water.
  •      On the other side, press the orange to get the juice.
  •      Mix everything with the orange juice and vegetables, add water if necessary.
  •      Add turmeric and pepper. 
9) Vegetable Bouillon
This is a classic to delight you and stay slim during the coldest period of the year. It can even be used broth detox when you want to flush toxins from your body light supper.


  •      Vegetables (leeks, turnips, carrots ...)
  •      1 white onion half,
  •      50 ounces of water,
  •      Thyme and / or laurel,
  •      1 clove.

How to cook?

  •      Cut the vegetables into cubes of 3 cm.
  •      In a casserole, place the vegetables with thyme and bay leaf or two, cloves and water.
  •      Cook for 40 minutes.
  •      Serve hot in a soup bowl.

10) parsnip soup


  •      300g parsnips (cut into slices)
  •      1 vegetable stock cube
  •      1 teaspoon nutmeg,
  •      Cream soup 3 tablespoons 3% fat,
  •      Water.

Instructions for cooking:

  •      Cook the parsnips in water with stock cube for a good half hour.
  •      Go all in blender.
  •      Serve warm. 

11) Eastern Soup


  •      100g zucchini,
  •      100g of carrots,
  •      3 cloves garlic,
  •      1 teaspoon of harissa,
  •      Spices (coriander, cumin).


  •      In a casserole, sauté the vegetables with garlic and add water and spices.
  •      Cook over medium heat for about twenty minutes.
  •      Add the harissa before serving. 

> Slimming soup recipes WITH starch

1) Green Velvet


  •      200 g Asparagus
  •      20 ounces of water,
  •      1 vegetable stock cube defatted
  •      Juice of half a lemon,
  •      10 g of corn starch,
  •      5 cl of skim milk,
  •      Pepper.

How to dress:

  •      Cut the asparagus about 2 cm and wash them.
  •      Heat the water with the bouillon cube and as soon as the water boils, add the asparagus.
  •      Cook for 6 minutes, check the asparagus should be cooked.
  •      Dissolve the cornstarch with cold milk in a glass.
  •      Pour this mixture to prepare asparagus. Let thicken, stirring constantly over low heat.

2) Leek Soup


  •      150g leeks,
  •      80 g potatoes,
  •      40 g of sorrel,
  •      Chopped chervil,
  •      1 dash of olive oil,
  •      Pepper.

Method to prepare:

  •      Finely chop the leeks and potatoes.
  •      Fry the leeks in a nonstick pan with a little olive oil.
  •      Add the sorrel and potato lowering the fire.
  •      Cook a good twenty minutes.
  •      Just before serving, sprinkle with chervil. 

3) Cabbage Soup

Not to be confused with that of a deficient and infamous regime.


  •      1 small green cabbage or cabbage 1 green half (large)
  •      4 leeks,
  •      3 carrots,
  •      3 onions,
  •      5 tomatoes,
  •      3 peppers,
  •      1 celery stalk,
  •      1 turnip,
  •      4 cloves garlic,
  •      1 potato,
  •      Pepper.

How to prepare this slimming soup?

  •      Cut your vegetables into cubes of 3 cm.
  •      In a pan put all your ingredients and cover with water.
  •      Cook for an hour with the lid.
  •      Switch to the mixer.
  •      Serve warm.

4) Lentil Soup

Like lenses and you do not have too many ideas to cook? Nothing better than to integrate them into a good soup lightened house to treat you (in addition to please the whole family).


  •      200 g of lenses,
  •      10 ounces of water,
  •      10cl of skimmed milk (or coconut milk)
  •      80 g of sliced carrots,
  •      2 white onions,
  •      1 bouillon cube defatted
  •      1 tablespoon olive or canola oil,
  •      Parsley and cumin.


  •      Drain the lentils and rinse.
  •      In a pan put the oil to heat and fry the onions for 2 full minutes. Add water, milk, bouillon cube, and lentils.
  •      Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.
  •      In another saucepan, boil your carrots for 5 good minutes.
  •      Mix the lentils in a blender: more or less mixed to taste.
  •      Add the carrots to the sousoupe.
  •      This dish is served hot. 

> Did you know?

The invention of the bouillon cube, often used in recipes slimming soups and other recipes, dates back to 1880. At its inception, it contained mostly meat extracts. Thirty years later, Julius Maggi began selling bouillon cubes dried version.

Today, many types of this food product coexist. They do not routinely offer meat extracts.

His current basic ingredients: salt, maltodextrin, flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate E621, E627 sodium guanylate, disodium inosinate E631), oil, aroma.

In various cubes, the manufacturer adds meat extracts or vegetables, sugar or yeast beer. In the bio Version, manufacturers do not normally add a flavor enhancer.

> The advice of the coach Kathleen Liscia

  •      Made soups and light-filled colors:
  •          Red: red pepper, tomatoes, garlic, onion, you can add a tablespoon of cream cheese coffee 0% fat.
  •          Orange: pumpkin, onion, squash, carrots and zucchini, with a chicken stock cube or vegetables.
  •          Green: watercress, leeks, chard, celery, spinach, green pepper, spices and herbs (basil or mint). 

  • Know your ingredients vary:
  •      Pumpkin soup: pumpkin, onion, nutmeg, coriander, water.
  •      Leek soup: leek, cabbage, carrots, onion, 1 clove garlic, bouillon cube, water.
  •      Vegetable soup mix: turnips, tomatoes, carrots, Paris mushrooms, cauliflower, squash, parsley, onion, garlic, bouillon cube, water.
  •      Leek soup: leek goes very well with radish, cucumber and then mix them with the leek into a delicious soup diet.
  •      Zucchini Soup: zucchini, shallot, 1 bouillon cube degreased and curry.
  •      The most common are simmered velvety velvety asparagus, celery, molds or fungi.
  •      Vary your spices and herbs: thyme, coriander, basil, ginger, curry ...
  •      Vary your sauces cheese 0% cream 3% fat, soy sauce, lime, etc.

  • Slimming soup more easily achieve your goal of five fruits and vegetables recommended every day!
  • Their health advantage, in addition to help not grow during the winter months, is to prevent various cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.
  • They are ideal when you want to use the rest of your vegetables in your fridge. In this case, mix all the vegetables for a good slimming soup that will help keep your slenderness.
  • Avoid soups trade. Indeed, they are often too salty, and the distribution of ingredients is not ideal: too many potatoes, starchy or over a small amount of vegetable fibers so less in the end.
  • Do not salt your soup too. Excessive consumption of salt increases the water retention problem. Or retaining too much water superfluous pounds, you risk gaining weight during the winter.
  • Prepare large quantities of soups to taste the next day or freeze. This is a known culinary trick.
  • Always have one (or more) Soup (s) in the freezer! Indeed, for meals on the go, nothing better than going out a tray and warm!
  • Your soup can be made with fresh or frozen vegetables, it will nonetheless be a treat.
  • To catch excess / standard, nothing better than a good homemade soup. Then you can stabilize the weight more easily by adopting a new healthy diet and exercising more regularly.
  • To eliminate toxins and cleanse your body, it is recommended to consume a good vegetable soup.
  • Soups are considered an excellent natural appetite suppressant, because they contain water and fiber. So if you start a meal with a soup, this will allow you to eat less later.
  • Indeed, vegetables are high in fiber. In recent swell the stomach and increase satiety, like water. In other words, you will have the impression of having a full stomach faster.
  • Prefer legumes when you want to make a balanced soup. They provide you with plant proteins of good nutritional quality.
  • Do not add butter, cream, cheese or even croutons ... which will only increase your energy intake single bowl of soup (remember that vegetable soup bowl will contain only 100 150 calories) and increase the risk of taking extra pounds (when you put too much in your bowl).
  • The soup also helps to hydrate. Indeed a bowl equivalent to 2 glasses of water (knowing it is recommended to drink 8 glasses a day). So get your pots, old pots and ladles dear cooks.

  • There are a variety of soup recipes to do, remember to use your imagination and change some ingredients for soup appreciation to all:

  •      For children, add small pasta alphabet for example, or stars.
  •      For those who like spicy soup, add red pepper or paprika. 

> Conclusion

As we approach the holidays and in these times where it is cold or icy, nothing better than a good light homemade soup to comfort us and do not hibernate: thanks to its vitamins and nutrients it brings us, this food liquid will allow us to do so vibrant and désengourdir us, while helping to not take overweight (which would ruin some winter holidays).

Rich in water and fiber, a slimming soup bowl contains the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants vegetables. It is also an excellent natural appetite suppressant that is mostly low in calories (especially when it is homemade). So whether you're diners or not, feel free to concoct this slimming dish that will help keep the smoothness of your body throughout the winter. Good supper.

Slimming soup to keep the line in winter: 15 recipes

By boujlal hafid → Tuesday, December 16, 2014